Faith Education

how to do catechesis | taught by Ryan LeBlanc

Course description

Initiate your community into a fuller appropriation of the faith!

Worst case: Father has asked you to start a catechetics program with no staff, no budget, and no clue what catechesis is.

Best case: your community wants and needs a better understanding of the faith. Where do you start?

You need:

  • a clear and correct understanding of what the Church means by catechesis
  • some kind of indicator of when your catechizing is done well

In this course, you will learn the nature, role and purpose of catechesis in the Church's mission. Find out which skills, attitudes and resources are necessary for effective catechesis.

Plus, the latest in effective teaching methods for deep learning are built into the course activities, so that you at once learn about catechesis while learning new strategies for doing catechesis.

"The session is excellent. The offering of strategies and modelling demonstrated great knowledge and ideas." - Course Participant

"This was truly informative, interactive, challenging, and transformative." - Course Participant

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Ryan LeBlanc
Ryan LeBlanc

Ryan LeBlanc, B.A., B.Ed., M.A, is a career classroom teacher, learning leader, and workshop facilitator. Now, his cutting-edge educational methods and years of practical experience with thousands of learners is available through his comprehensive online courses.

Mr. LeBlanc is able to synthesize a great deal of material .... His teaching style is comfortable and witty. Several of the participants explained that his addresses changed their attitudes..., replacing dread of a boring subject with curiosity, excitement and anticipation.
-Father Michael Averyt
Director of Diaconate Formation
Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert

Ryan's learning model harnesses the power of multi-directional coaching. That is, he expects to learn from everyone he comes in contact with. Ryan has facilitated successful learning for diverse audiences, such as: inner-city teenagers and prep school teenagers, religious clergy, preschool children, sacramental catechumens, professional learning conferences and workshops, inmates in prisons and academics in universities.