ThinkCatholic delivers quality formation for volunteers and staff of Church institutions with an accessible, efficient and cost-effective learning experience. 

Featuring highly qualified and experienced instructors, faithful to the magisterium and engaged in the world, combined with easy-to-use delivery systems, ThinkCatholic allows any busy believer to instantly grow in their ministry.

Catholics who know their faith

Ryan LeBlanc
Director of Learning Experiences

Ryan LeBlanc, B.A., B.Ed., M.A, is a career classroom teacher, learning leader, and workshop facilitator. Now, his cutting-edge educational methods and years of practical experience with thousands of learners is available through his comprehensive online courses. Ryan's learning model harnesses the power of multi-directional coaching. That is, he expects to learn from everyone he comes in contact with. Ryan has facilitated successful learning for diverse audiences, such as: inner-city teenagers and prep school teenagers, religious clergy, preschool children, sacramental catechumens, professional learning conferences and workshops, inmates in prisons and academics in universities.

Mr. LeBlanc is able to synthesize a great deal of material .... His teaching style is comfortable and witty. Several of the participants explained that his addresses changed their attitudes..., replacing dread of a boring subject with curiosity, excitement and anticipation.
-Father Michael Averyt
Director of Diaconate Formation
Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert

Brett Salkeld
Instructor, Theology and Philosophy

Brett Salkeld, PhD, is the Archdiocesan Theologian of Regina, Canada. In this role he counsels on theological questions with the Bishop, the Presbyterate, and all the faithful of the Archdiocese.

Having focussed ecumenical dialogue, Dr. Salkeld also serves as the Ecumenical Officer for the Archdiocese. In this capacity, he supports the ecumenical commission and parish ecumenical representatives in their efforts to seek mutual understanding and greater unity with brothers and sisters in Christ who are not in communion with the Catholic Church.

Also, Dr. Salkeld has been entrusted with the local diaconal formation program for those men who are called to the permanent diaconate. This work involves promotion, discernment, administration, and teaching